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Aimbot (8/10)
The aimbot is working pretty good: You have all the option you are expecting from a good legit cheat (Smooth, RCS, etc.).
The only thing bothering me is the RCS. It is pretty strong overall, but when you stop spraying, the RCS pull up again to where you started spraying from. No other good legit cheat is using this feature and it looks pretty fishy in demos, so you have to learn to hide this "feature", what is making this unnecessary (please remove the pull-up after RCS!)

Visuals (10/10)
This is the strongest feature by aries-cheats. You have all the features from a rage -hack in a legit cheat and they are even Stream-proof and EAC-PROOF. I am not knowing any other site, that is bypassing EAC with so many visuals. 

Support/Moderators/Admins (10/10)
The support is really friendly and quick. You are possible to write support tickets (you will be answered in 2 hours maximum) or if you need quick support, you can ask any question on Discord (you will be answered instantly).

Updates (7/10)
The updates are mainly for the Legit-community 
But you can tell they are working on the cheat all the time, which is pretty nice.

Security (10/10)
I have never been banned by neither VAC nor EAC. Even the admins of the leagues I am playing in suspected me of cheating. I know they are looking at me, because I get called out a lot of times by players and even admins telling me, that they are looking into my demos after the game.

Overall (9/10)
+ Aimbot
++ Visuals
+++ Support
+++ Security
Thank you for your review !

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