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Aries Cheats and it's staff are not responsible for any bans or account convictions associated with using our cheat.
By buying, downloading, and using our cheat, you agree that you are taking the risk that you can be banned at any time without warning.

Quote:Undetected :

[Image: MZ1ByOS.png]   (Since Launch*)         - Valve Anti-Cheat 2/3
[Image: MZ1ByOS.png]   (Since Launch*)         
[Image: MZ1ByOS.png]   (Since Launch*)         - Face-IT Server Side Plugin (not the Client)
[Image: MZ1ByOS.png]   (Since Launch*)         - SMAC
[Image: MZ1ByOS.png]   (Since Launch*)         - Other server-side anticheats

[Image: MZ1ByOS.png] = Undetected
[Image: PZ5qC4T.png] = Testing/Not currently available
[Image: 5wEOD8w.png] = Detected

Got a Ban ?:

Please do not spam the Chatbox or make a new thread just use discord or pm the admin or the moderators

*Public Cheat Launch Date : 08.01.2018

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