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Thread Contributor: True.Undertalemy honest opinion about the cheat
so lets start by do i recommend to use the cheat?
well it depends if ur looking for rage than its not for u at the moment

but for legit hacking i HIGHLY suggest using this cheat Heck i even bought lifetime Xd

why do i not recommend for rage?

sample it doesn't have rage setting u may treat it as semi rage than it work just fine

what about legit?

 i haven't been banned by OW With my setting only when i really go full on.

The cheat is trash
( well i don't think anyone cares because its obvious ur legit player who hate cheaters)

the cheat is soo Buggy:

 you do realize its in beta and my advice get a lifetime before prices gets skyrocket once its has full support.

what is HWID"Hardware Id":

 its to make sure not more than one could use the cheat with this feature only 1 pc would be able to use the hack

Q: i got a new pc am i rekt?
A:no u can just message Developer or Metamorph he ill reset it for u.

why does the cheat takes too long for a sample update?

u know there is around 2 to 3 coder only right? or maybe even 1 who do all this work be realistic pal.

ok i got a lifetime and the cheat shutdown now what?

everything will stay as it is there will be no feature Updates only which mean ur fine.

how much do i rate the whole cheat from 5 stars and why?
3\ 5
because 1 the cheat needs more developers and more features 2 there is the issue when metmorph went offline and u can't contact him or he just outside has home Xd
Thank you for your honest opinion !